Portfolio – Frayla Article

Printed in the Cheyenne Edition, which has since been sold to the Gazette 

September 2015

Is it “Fashion with a Conscience”?  Or does “Mindful Fashion” describe it better?

Tina Schwaner frequently asks herself this question.  Which phrase better describes her friendly, intimate little shop and its selection of fashionable goods studded with local, fair trade and social enterprise items?  Frayla Boutique carries a variety of beautiful things that not only adorn your person or your home, but the very act of buying them helps others.

For example, “If you buy a Made with a Mission candle and a Giving Key at Frayla, you’ve supported three women owned businesses, helped employ homeless people in two states, upcycled a bottle and a key and you’ve given back to a local mission!”, explains Tina.

Frayla Boutique combines a hair studio and a fashion boutique.  Tina has done hair for 22 years here in Colorado Springs and opened this shop of her own earlier this year.  “I was very thankful for the support of my clients while I moved here and got the boutique started!”

She added the boutique because she loves fashion and wanted to share this passion.  “It’s kind of like having two kids,” Tina says of joining a boutique to the hair studio, “They are similar, yet totally different and I love them both.”

Knowing that her clients are busy people who appreciate ways to give back to the community, Tina includes plenty of local and social enterprise items in her shop, as well as fair trade goods.  She has a passion for American made, local and women-owned businesses.  Colorado Springs has an abundance of locally made art that she was excited to add to her shop and she also found several social enterprises that make high-quality fashionable items while helping people in our community.  She carries pretty fair trade items as well and adds more of these “Mindful Fashion” items every month!

You can come to Frayla to get your hair done or just to browse among Tina’s hand-picked goods.

“I love that people come here,” she says, explaining that people sometimes feel like they are intruding coming into this unexpected little marketplace on the second floor of the Cheyenne Executive Plaza at 108 E. Cheyenne Rd. when she has a hair client, but she enjoys both parts of her business.  “I love the dynamic of them working together.  I’m more than happy to help the shopper too.”

Stop by Frayla Boutique to visit this fusion of philanthropy and fashion and “find some cool, girly stuff”, as Tina says.  Whatever you call it, it’s a great place to shop!