Blogger for Hire in Colorado Springs

“I hate writing. Why do I need a blog?”

If you’ve found this page by searching on something like the phrase above, you probably dread the prospect of writing a weekly blog yourself. What will you write about? How will you make sure it does what you need? Why do you need it in the first place?

Here are three reasons you need a blog.

  • It updates your website on a regular basis, convincing search engines that your site is current and raising your ranking. When consumer search for something on the internet, they seldom read past the first page of search results. Blogging helps get your site on that first page of each search engine.
  • A blog helps your customers know, like and trust you by showing them you know what you’re talking about. Remember, it takes seven to nine contacts before someone will do business with a new vendor. A blog brings you closer to closing the sale.
  • Relevant blog posts bring consumers to your site when they are looking for an answer to a question. That consumer may not be buying your product today, but now he knows where to get it when it’s time to buy. A blog helps customers find you when they are thinking about your product or service.

A blog is an inexpensive marketing tool that works for you long after you’ve put in the effort of writing the post. A popular post can bring customers into your site for years after you’ve put it on your site.

“Yes, but isn’t there a blogger for hire somewhere who can do this for me?”

The good news is that you don’t have to write the posts yourself to get all these benefits. We offer a blogger for hire service and can do it for you!

Why should you hire us?

  • We interview you and make sure we understand your brand, values and voice before we write a word. The posts cover topics important to you and read like your brand.
  • We develop a schedule and stick to it. Your regular readers won’t forget about you.
  • We track the popularity of each post on your Google Analytics and write more of what consumers want to read.
  • We do the research and the writing, saving you the trouble.

Contact us today to get started!